French with Florence Tourne

Florence Tourne is Franco-Belgian. She came to Nab Cottage, an English Language School in Rydal near Ambleside, to attend an English course in Summer 1994. She loved the area so much that she decided to stay! After an intensive course in « Teaching French as a Foreign Language » at International House in London in 1997, she started teaching on a one-to-one basis, moving on to group teaching in 2006.
She is also teaching French to children as young as three years old.
Florence believes in the importance of learning through enjoyment. She likes to teach in a relaxed and friendly manner and share her knowledge of France and Belgium with others making her classes engaging and a joy to be part of.

For any information please contact Florence:

French Beginners, 3rd term, Tuesday 16.00-18.00
16 April – 21 May, 6weeks, £78
Castle Street Centre, Kendal.

For complete beginners or those with a little knowledge, this course will enable you to get buy when visiting France or a French speaking country and to communicate at a basic level in a range of everybody situations.

French Upper-Intermediate, Friday 10.30-12.30
19 April – 24 May, 6weeks, £78
Castle Street Centre, Kendal.

​For those with at least five years’ experience of learning French in a formal setting or in a French-speaking country, this course will emphasise the importance of using your French freely and creatively to discuss relevant topics as well as helping consolidate your grammar in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

French Intermediate, Friday 13.30-15.30
19 April – 24 May, 6weeks, £78
Castle Street Centre, kendal

​For those with at least three years’ experience learning French, this class will be conversation led through a wide range of activities in a friendly atmosphere. Some grammar points will be covered to help you understand the structure of the language. Topics will include everyday situations and suggestions will be welcome. 

Castle Street Community Centre, Kendal LA9 7AD. Adjacent to Gooseholme on the banks of the River Kent, 5 minutes walk from the town centre. Free parking. Map

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From left to right: Italian with Cath Bond, French with Dominique Pluskwa, German with Dorothea Williamson, French with Florence Tourne, Spanish with Pilar Valera (and Neil Stanley).